Champagne to finish off cellulitis

Did you know that well before the “nectar of golden bubbles” had become the most noble and festive of beverages, it was officially considered medicine?

For centuries, champagne was the best digestive aid and also an efficient restorative, and the ideal remedy to brighten up dark moods. Our ancestors considered it as a powerful antiseptic and one of the best diuretics that exist. They said it was excellent for rheumatism and the prevention of aging and they recommended it for women about to give birth, to convalescents, anemic people, and the weak. As is often the case, the Ancients intuitively discovered something that research has just confirmed.

The therapeutic virtues of champagne are now backed up, in effect, by the most recent scientific discoveries, notably from the fields of molecular biology and biochemistry. The considerable number of salutary substances in champagne now isolated by our spectrometers, chromatographs, and magnetic resonance apparatuses is simply staggering: numerous varieties of juices, glucoses, multiple mineral salts, oligo-elements, certain families of aromatic substances, organic acids, tannic substances, enzymes, fatty acids, combined amino acids, ethylic acids, and also secondary and tertiary substances and vitamins…

The researchers brought into evidence another remarkable effect of champagne: it diminishes the troubles of cellulite, the dermatological affliction which makes gives the skin the aspect of an orange peel. One cup of champagne a day activates the lymphatic circulation, causes the brain to react by secreting anti-diuretic hormones, which fluidize the blood. Then the heart will also secrete hormones, activating the circulation on a cellular level, and promoting drainage. Champagne hastens the disappearance of cellulite by simply accentuating the ordinary defense mechanisms of our body. Let’s have some “bubbly” then!

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