Yin or Yang ? Which is your health profile ?

The morphologic and emotional study of the individual is a diagnostic tool much used by practitioners of Chinese medicine. The silhouette, the type of person, their energetic qualities or weaknesses are rich with teachings and should orient each person towards an appropriated pharmacopoeia and diet.

Here are five key energetic profiles as they are defined in Chinese medicine, from the most Yang to the most Yin, as well as the advised corresponding diets, the profile’s strengths and weaknesses and the treatments which help one avoid the disequilibriums which they might engender.
Each one of us can find our self in one type of profile, but for some they must combine a few profiles. The being is made this way, its complexity makes a unique entity.


  • Physique: square or round stature, tendency towards a red hue, strong voice, intense eyes.
  • Emotions + : active, courageous, a leader, a dominator, energetic.
  • Emotions - : choleric, irritable if tired, can be jealous, selfish, overly impulsive, lack of self-confidence (especially in love).
  • Possible pathologies: insomnia, irritability, hypertension, thoracic oppression, rheumatism.
  • Diet + : yin foods, wheat, rice, asparagus, carrots, cucumber, leaks, turnips, horseradish, tomato, pumpkin, celery, beef, duck, rabbit, pork, chicken, crab, shrimp, oysters. Lemons, figs, apples, pears, grapes, grapefruit, bananas. Green tea, cider.
  • Diet - : oats, turkey, giblet, alcohol, coffee, chocolate, sole, tuna, fried foods, condiments.
  • Products + : Gingko, Tian Wan, Shogun 10, Long Dan, Xiao Yao, fifth season.
  • Products - : toners in general.


  • Physique: muscular, dry, intense eyes, dry skin, little perspiration.
  • Emotions + : rapid intellectual assimilation, likes effort, volunteer, trustworthy, upright, athletic.
  • Emotions - : nervous, obstinate, choleric, unstable (worried), can alternate between agitation and depression.
  • Possible pathologies: Liver problems, dry mouth, colored urine, migraines, irregular cycle, palpitations, muscular contractions, premature ejaculation, alternation between constipation and diarrhea.
  • Diet + : Legumes, wheat, oats, bulgar wheat, whole grain based pasta or dough, eggplant, potatoes, lettuce, cucumber, pumpkin, beef, quail, duck, horse, rabbit, bar, cod, carp. Lemons, figs, mangos, watermelons, mint, licorice. Green tea…
  • Diet - : Asparagus, condiments, alcohol, chocolate, eggs, fat, cabbage, leeks, tomatoes, mutton, pork, oysters, apricots, peaches, prunes.
  • Products + : Xiao Yao, Qing Wei, Angelica, Lu Wie, Shogun 9, Shogun 4.
  • Products - : Ginseng, tribulus, schizandrae, vitamin C.


This profile would be a perfect balance on the energetic level, but we are only human, with our qualities and our shortcomings, and as for me, I’ve never met someone with such an exceptional profile.


  • Physique: supple, thread-like body, pale tint, fine face, lack of body posture.
  • Emotions + : Patient, reflective, intuitive, calm spirited, sensitive.
  • Emotions - : Fear, introverted, overly romantic, overly emotional, lack of vigor.
  • Possible pathologies: oral troubles, over sensitivity to cold, painful joints, infrequent sexual activity, lack of appetite, lack of tone, anguish, nightmares, cystitis, mastoses, cuticle troubles, heavy legs.
  • Diet + : condiments, red meat, fowl, charcuterie, offal, eggs, whole grains, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Apricots, bananas, cherries, peaches, eggplants, pears. Wine.
  • Diet - : Dairy products, fried things, sweats, white bread, mint, hot spice, legumes, oysters, horse, horse, coquille St. Jacques. Strong alcohols, coffee, fruit juice. Lemons, pineapple, melon, watermelon.
  • Products + : Ginseng, Ding Chuan, Tian Wan, Nan Bao, Xiang Bei, Yi Yi Ren, Zhi Bai Di, Gan Mai Da Zao.
  • Products - : Gingko, An Shen, Long Dan, Menocure.


  • Physique: Long-limbed or the opposite, stocky, weak abdominal belt, dark circles under the eyes, tint, voice and bearing without tone.
  • Emotions + : precious, good memory, many life values, healthy aging, considerate, creative.
  • Emotions - : Hypersensitivity, anxious, withdrawn, timid, vulnerable, rigid psychologically, hypotonic.
  • Possible pathologies: Chronic fatigue, hypertension, depression, prostate troubles, diarrhea, gallstones, lumbago, digestive troubles, fragile sexuality (emotionally), vein troubles, degenerative osteoarthritis, painful menstruation, sterility, spasmophilia, crampes.
  • Products + : Shu Gan, Du Huo, Yi Yi Ren, Gui Zhi Fu Ling, Cong Rong, Nan Bao, Tian Wan, Bei Xie.
  • Products - : Luweidi, Zhi Bai Di, Perilla.

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