Fatigue, stunted growth, and deficiencies : a unique natural remedy !

Overexertion, immunity problems, saturated memory, loss of concentration and stress… organic deficiencies touch everyone, from infancy to old age. To avoid them, a researcher developed a tonic, which combines plants and yeast.

It is to doctor and chemist Walter Strathmeyer (1899-1969) that we owe the discovery of this remedy, Bio- Strath, on the market since 1961. It is made by a Swiss laboratory and it is still unfortunately difficult to find in organic food stores. There is nothing artificial in his formula, simply a blend of medicinal plants (angelica, lemon balm, basil, chamomile, cinnamon, caraway, black elder, fennel, horseradish, hyssop, lavender, licorice, peppermint, parsley, sage and thyme), mixed with vegetable yeast.

  • Plants and yeast, a unique process

But- and this is what makes Bio-Strath unique- the yeast cells, after having been raised on plants from which they have assimilated the properties, are liquefied (plasmalized) meaning that their membranes are made to explode. This natural disintegration of the cellular unity of the yeast causes the nutrients, which it contains to become perfectly available for assimilation by the organism. Then the whole is fermented. Bio-Strath tonics, in liquid or tablet form, number sixty-one: eleven special, restorative substances; eleven vitamins; twenty amino acids including the essential eight (isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophane, valine), which the body doesn’t produce; and nineteen mineral substances and oligo-elements. All are of an entirely natural origin and very subtly dosed. The tonics are without conservatives, colorants or taste fresheners, and they contain no GMO. But beware: choose the tablets, because they contain no sugar or gluten, as does the liquid tonic. Diabetics and those who suffer from an intolerance of gluten can thus use the former.

  • Better than the vaccine against the flu

Many studies have demonstrated that the Bio-Strath tonics act by reinforcing and balancing all the functions of the organism bring a significant increase in physical and mental effectiveness. A double blind test was conducted on 60 people over a three-month period. The results demonstrated that the placebo group had a total improvement of 10%, whereas the group taking Bio-strath obtained a 64% improvement.

In a published study conducted on 232 people, tests were made on the prophylaxis of flu-related infections. The reactions of the ’Bio-strath tablets and tonics’ groups where tested in relation to those of the ‘Flu vaccination and tests’ groups. The results of this study showed that in the first groups there were improvements of the general state, concentration, fatigability, vitality and stress as well as a more important drop in the number of lost days of work. The laboratory of Spatial Biology of the Federal Polytechnic School of Zurich, in liaison with the ESA and NASA, has been doing tests on human cells in zero gravity since 1977. It is known that the state of zero gravity slows down the proliferation of the lymphocytes, which are necessary to our defenses. The result: in this work it was demonstrated that the Bio-Strath tonic largely compensates for the loss of lymphocyte activity in zero gravity.

  • Almost immediate effects

Thanks to the exceptional content of these vital substances, the Bio-Strath tonic in all states of deficiency, stress, growth periods, pregnancy, intellectual overwork, study and exam preparation, sports and competition… its action delay? From a few hours to two or three days, according to the bodies condition and with the condition that it is taken regularly and in the recommended quantities (3 times two tablets a day for an adult). It is good for all, from 1 to 86 years old, or older…

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