Yoga of Sound: The Song that Heals

After fifteen years of research in cellular programming through the voice and though the yoga of sound, Philippe Barraqué, vocal therapist and ethnomusicologist, developed neural-vocal programming. This is done by concentrating on emitting a continuous sound which one gives a mental message. During the emission of sound, one focuses on the objective to be attained, self-healing, memorization, long-distance treatment… Then, as soon as one stops singing, one stops thinking about anything.

Studying the therapeutic effects of the voice in harmonic singing, Philippe Barraqué noted two things: the harmonic singer easily passes into a modified state of consciousness (alpha rhythm), and he feels a real improvement of his physical and psychological tonus during and after “the act of singing.”

To emit high pitched sounds, the singer uses the point of the tongue against the roof of the mouth: the tongue then produces vibrations which massages the reflex zones of the oral cavity in relation with the acupuncture meridians and the endocrine glands.

Sound, an intelligent memory

The noted effects of the emission of sound from harmonic singing, using the tongue, brought the therapist to study the effects on the brain, notably the hormonal exchanges of the neurotransmitters and cellular programming.
“Since sound is like a battery which becomes charged with emotions at the moment when one sings, why not substitute, for this often heavy emotional charge, a positive mental message which can penetrate all the way to the cellular core?” asks Philippe Barraqué. “In acting on the heart of the cell, and by spreading this through all the layers of the being, physical, energetic and psychological, the neural-vocal programming reinforces the positive effects of song.”

Sound can be an intelligent memory capable of recording short and precise pieces of information and even to act according to our particular needs. With therapeutic accompaniment, this technique treats chronic pain, psychosomatic troubles, tinnitus, and emotional shocks; it also aides the capacities of memorization and the mental tonus.
It is important to rest at least a week on the same mental message so that it can have time to sink in deeply and to diminish the possibility of returning to the original situation. But, so as not to treat only one problem at a time:

  • In the case of chronic pain, visualize, as you sing, a soothing color in relation with an organ, muscle, or joint that is making you suffer.
  • If you suffer from anxiety, associate to your sound a precise order to your mind: “Calm yourself. Take confidence.”
  • If you have difficulty meditating or channelling your energy, choose, for example, to repeat a short prayer of purification associated with a traditional sound.

Even if much work has been done to get over it, traumatism leaves marks, “psychological mishmashes.” It is often necessary to eliminate these post-traumatic residues which, insidiously, resurge in our lives.

Neural-vocal programming sets off, first of all, a small psychological episode. The stimulation of energy which it produces after numerous séances allows one to “clean” the mind of other fragments of the mishmash.

“This veritable process of elimination is a work of mental archaeology: the residue is pulled back, layer by layer, so that they can be identified, analyzed, before cleaning the place up. This meticulous excavation into the past flushes out the seemingly minor event which was the starting factor. When this perturbing frequency is discovered, it often brings about a profound questioning,” says Philippe Barraqué.

In other words, cellular programming through the voice will be continued as long as a perfect mental clarification has not been obtained. This is a work of maturation which can take a long time, as the thorns can be deeply imbedded.

Out soon: “La Guérison harmonique” (Harmonic Healing) by Philippe Barraqué (Jouvence editions). CD: La Voix Qui Guérit (The Voice That Heals) (DG Diffusion).

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