The right to live, soon to be for sale

The Tao teaches us that life rests on the conjunction of four fundamental elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. These four elements which are indispensable to life are, first off, a gift of Nature, offered for FREE to every living being on the planet, except…humans, from whom this free life is being progressively confiscated. Instead we have:

  • The Earth which we buy now for the price of gold was not bought by our ancestors, but rather it was granted or conquered. It is still distributed in small sections in some southern countries.
  • Water, the gift of the sky and the earth, is harder to turn into cash, except…if it is heavily polluted to justify its treatment (it has been accomplished), which allows it to be sold at a high price from the tap and an even higher price in a bottle.
  • Fire, its electricity (nuclear) and petroleum products (extremely polluting) with 82% tax on car fuel (France). Despite the alarm bells of all the indicators concerning the toxic CO2 emissions, the public powers have been blocking the permits concerning alternatives sources of clean, renewable energy.
  • Finally, the Air, our last free stronghold (it won’t last). Filtering the air that we breathe will become a necessity. The English have already proposed an annual CLEAN AIR tax of 55 dollars a head.

On an industrial level, it is interesting to know that an international convention established a quota on air pollution for each industrialized country, and instituted an international market allowing over-polluting countries like the USA to buy the shares of countries which don’t touch their quota.

So, too bad for those who can’t afford organic food, or pure water, or pure air; they will die by slow poisoning, torn down by cancers and diverse genetic diseases; their children will have horrible deformities and will be sterile.

In fact, the process has already started, no? So, what do we do ? Cry or act ?

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