Cellular phones, cell phone towers and wi-fi : welcome to the universal microwave

Now that cell phones have become regular feature of everyday life, the microwaves have gone from the kitchen to our ear. Cell phones and their signal tours will flood our environment from now on even though their “toxicity” has been proven again and again, study after study. The greatest danger comes from, without a doubt, the extremely low frequency waves emitted by these appliances; called ELF, they were recognized as cancerogenic by the WHO since 1998. But the worst is yet to come: the new technology wi-fi diffuses the same frequencies as the microwave oven…in the streets!

The microwave oven, which has become a fixture in our kitchens, isn’t the only apparatus which gives out this type of waves; just as common, wireless phones also emit similar rays, whose frequency oscillates between 900 and 1, 800 Megahertz. But they also emit the equally toxic ELF waves (extremely low frequencies), whose frequency is lower than 300 hertz.

Scientific studies have increased over the past few years, showing the harmful consequences for the health of prolonged exposure to the waves emitted by wireless telephones and their bases, which are their signal antennas.

Already in September of 2002, twenty German doctors met at Freiberg to put together their clinical reports of the danger of cellular phones, and to bring this to the attention of the European authorities. Today, this group of German practitioners is supported by over a hundred doctors in all fields and researchers on every horizon, but no European authority has taken the problem in hand.

Micro-waves to the ear

Micro-waves have the particularity of being absorbed by the molecules of the water. It is after this absorption that the hydrogen connections of the molecules of water are agitated and cause heat. It’s the principle of the micro-wave oven (which heats the food and not the glass or ceramic plate) and the explanation of the heat felt on the ear after a prolonged phone conversation (after only 3 minutes, the temperature of the temporal lobe rises one degree). Micro-waves also have perturbing effects on intra- and extra- cellular biochemical reactions.

Epidemiological studies describe the damage caused as affecting:

  • The central nervous system: Asthenia, sleeping problems, irritability, headaches and memory loss.
  • The endocrine system: dysfunction of the gonads, adrenals and the thyroid.
  • The immune system: modification of the lymphocytes, the macrophages, and haematopoietic.

Serious pathologies have also been noted: infarction, leukaemia, and brain tumors.

High risk low frequencies

The dangerousness of the waves put out by cell phones or by their signal towers is also measured by the emission of low frequency waves (the famous ELF). Their toxicity is officially recognized by the WHO since 1998. The ELF where the subject of a publication which classed them as a cancerogenic source for mankind, in the same rank as other sources such as lead or gasoline.

As well, putting the antennas on top of water towers exposes water consumed by the population to a perturbation due to the ELF which make the water potentially pathogenic. A recent study published in the Journal of Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine (2003) shows that the absorption of water which had previously been in contact with low frequency waves brings about a perturbation of the blood cells: the platelets, lymphocytes and monocytes.

Wi-fi: when the street becomes a micro-wave oven

Wi-fi technology is starting to invade public places to allow everyone to connect to the wireless internet anywhere: in a train station, a café or in a public square. With pride they tell us that tomorrow’s technology will function with hyper-waves of 2.4 Mega-hertz, which is exactly the wave length emitted by the magnetron of your micro-wave; it is true that it has a lesser power in the case of wi-fi. Welcome to the global micro-wave!

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