Vein Diseases

Three-quarters of the population suffer from chronic venous insufficiency. The different names for these diseases: heavy legs, varicose veins, varicose leg ulcers, are nothing more than corresponding manifestations of evolutionary stages of this pathology.

There are two distinctive phases in the degenerative development: parietal insufficiency and valvular insufficiency. During the parietal phase, there is a slight dilation of the whole network of leg veins, followed by classic symptoms: heavy legs, sensation of heat, burning feet, itching, swelling around the ankles, a sensation of tightness around the calves, a sensation of pin pricks, restless legs. Treatment at this stage is relatively easy.

In the vavular phase : the varicose veins begin to develop and can bring up complications, such as superficial phlebitis, ulcers, eczema on the legs, ochre colored dermatitis, hypo dermatitis sclerosis, ruptured hematomas, thrombosis, plus general bad symptoms concerning the veins. At this stage, the more advanced the disease, the longer and more difficult are the treatments.

The vein report

Don’t believe that venous insufficiency, which corresponds to a slow metabolic degradation, can be dealt with by taking 15 days of classic venoactive drugs. My 16 years of experience have showed me that these treatments should be followed until a complete restoration of the tissue tone is achieved. To establish a precise evaluation of the state of the veins, we use a medical apparatus with the barbaric name of Plethysmograph, which has mercury gauges. As soon as there is a varicose problem, it is fundamental to evaluate the state of valvular illness using a Doppler exploration.

Homeopathic remedies :

As we are facing a chronic pathology which manifests itself as a problem with a firm base, a ‘ground’, we must use medicine which is capable of healing the ‘ground,’ and homeopathy and mesotherapy have always given me satisfaction in this area. I want to cite here a few of the most current homeopathic remedies for treating these symptoms.

  • Aesculus acts, classically, on the heaviness in the legs, but also for the sensation of heat in the legs.
  • Hamamelis is useful when there is a heavy sensation or a contusion of the inferior members as well as a serious tendency towards hematomes at the least shock.
  • Arnica is also good for that. It is a big homeopathic remedy for the bruises which are very common with circulation problems in the legs, and also very easy to treat with homeopathy.
  • Ambra Grisea acts remarkably well on the swelling and itching sensations.
  • Sulfur is very useful when there is a sensation of heat around the feet at night, forcing one out of bed.
  • Sulfur Acid is very interesting in the case of a tendency to form hematomes spontaneously, without a shock.
  • Nitric Acid suppresses the pin prick sensations, each time they occur.
  • Cactus acts against the sensations of tightness.
  • Causticum acts against the feelings of shrinking or shortening.
  • Lachesis is useful in the case of problems occurring only on the left side, and also for menopausal women who have hot flashes and can’t stand clothes which are too tight.
  • Lycopodium has the inverse effect of the preceding remedy, in that acts in the case of right side affliction only.
  • Fluoric acid and Calcarea Fluorica come later as a deep treatment over several years, as this illness cannot disappear in 6 months of treatment.

Palliative Techniques :

Any wraps or supportive tights called varicose tights should be avoided at all cost, because, if they relieve the symptoms, they are really only aggravating the hypertonicity of the veins, and do not heal. Thus, it is little gain for temporary relief. One must never practice varicose stripping as the complications are dreadful, unpredictable and extremely difficult to treat. When there are varicose veins, it is necessary, before anything else, to start a homeopathic treatment: first an attack, then followed by a deep treatment. We could talk about sclerosis of the varicose veins, which are dangerous for the circulatory system in the legs, because they increase the phenomena of reflux and thus of stasis. They can be removed, but gently: there exists a gentle method for this, which is called the Muller method. Its principle advantage is that it avoids stripping, which can, on occasion, cause terrible accidents which are very difficult to combat. One should never lose sight of the fact that what we see at the level of the legs is just a small, visible part of the circulatory problem, which is global and concerns the whole system of veins in the body, which explains the necessity of doing a deep medical treatment to restore a global circulatory equilibrium and not to content ourselves with healing only the lower limbs, which would be eminently stupid. This excludes medicines taken for 15 days or a month, lotions for the legs, which are pure trickery, supportive tights, which have absolutely no therapeutic action, thermal cures once a year without any other follow-up action, sclerosis of the varicose veins from the first consultation, without any previous functional investigation or the initiation of a profound, deep medical treatment.

Dr. François Epineuze- Vein Specialist, Homeopath

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