Nail Infections

Like all coetaneous surfaces, the nail can easily become infected. Psoriasis causes puncture-like depressions in the nail that resemble the pockmarks of a thimble; psoriasis can affect adults as well as children. Lichen is a benign affliction, the cause of which is not entirely clear. It can develop in the form of longitudinal craters on the nail, or in the nail’s uniform thinning. Alopecia affects 50% of people? Nails? Cases of what? It causes a number of abnormalities in the nail including deformation, cracks, raised bumps, thinning and unusual color.

Excema irregularly causes the nail to grow unevenly thick and thin. In some cases the nail can even fall off.


  • Castor oil: for the nail crevices.
  • Thuya with Siica: when the nail is grooved and fragile.
  • Antimonium Crudum : for thickened nails with white spots.
  • Ustilago: for fragile nails with additional utero-ovarian trouble.

All these remedies, if they do not have other particular directions, are to be taken 4 or 5 CH : 3 granules 2 to 4 times per day.

You may also try :

  • Organic Silica: Take 2 soup-spoons of silica 3 weeks a month.
  • Do not hesitate to apply Argan Oil directly on the nail before going to bed.

Sicile organique :

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